Saturday, January 31, 2015


One month. 2400 photos. Where to start?

The doors. I guess I'll start with the amazing, colorful, simply beautiful facades that line the streets of Granada. Each door, each wall, each street facing wall was a splash of color and individuality. I asked a carriage driver in my cave Spanish what was up with all of the colors. His answer, "Colors make people happy."

Nicaragua made me happy. The sunshine I so desperately needed. The adventure and off beat travel I crave. The chance to view the world and my kids and myself through a totally different lens. People kept asking me why we were going to Nicaragua? WHY? Why was I traveling alone with my kids? The answer was, because it's there. Because a friend said, "Hey you wanna meet up in Nicaragua?" And without a moment of hesitation I said, "Sure."

So we did. We rented a little house in Granada. We got to know the local grocery store, how to safely cross the street, where to catch the local chicken bus, where to find ice cream, fresh baked bread, good coffee. We walked the town each day, and in the evenings. We smiled at the couples who sat in chairs on the street in front of their homes at night, talking to each other. Every night, in front of their colorful houses.

Curiosity. Conversation. Connection. Contentment. And of course color and sunshine. That's why I went.

I'm home now, but I am slowly going through organizing my 2400 photos, so although not in real time I'll post all about our time there over the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Running Away

It took a miracle of technology for me to post this from my phone from Centeal America. I am not terribly computer savvy, especially when my computer isn't with me. We decided to run away from winter. Shocking right? But rather than head to the grandparents in Hawaii we are off on a little adventure to Nicaragua with my friend and fellow blogger Amanda (

I only have a few phone snaps, and even those I can't quite figure out how to post. However, this is a good time to say head over to the Facebook page where I can update a little more easily.
 I will try to post a few more soon and promise a full debrief on our time in Nicaragua complete with real photos when we return.

So far we have... Ridden horses through a remote cacao farm, dodged squalls on Lake Nicaragua in a small fishing panga, made our own chocolate bars, explored the top of Mombacho Volcano, hiked in a cloud forest, taken 7 types of transportation in a matter of 48 hours, indulged in street food, haggled in the markets, swam in a sleeping volcano lake, and every day we are in awe at the beauty of the people and sights of this country.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tinsel and Sunshine

There were lots of gifts under the wee little tree. Aunties and uncles and grandparents from all corners of the globe generously sent packages for the kids, plus things from mom and dad of course. And neighbors brought by gifts as well. And I began to worry that it might all be too much. Not just literally too much, as in where the heck will we put these things... but too much as in overwhelming for these little people who are used to being fairly minimalist compared most American households.

And I was right. As I sit here tonight, there are still many unopened packages under the wee little tree. And that's ok. I will tuck them away for another time. They were both so happy with the first 1 or 2 things they opened they sort of self regulated from there. After a special breakfast and cleaning up a bit we got what this mama considers to be the best gift of all... sunshine! After two solid days of fog and heavy rains, it was soooooo good to feel the sun, even if only for a couple of hours

Zach said, "Let's go to the beach! So we did. No new toys were brought along. Just a strand of tinsel garland, the wind, and sunshine was all they needed to make things merry and bright.

They seemed so much lighter, and more joyful out on the beach with nothing, than back on the boat surrounded by everything. Because the nothing truly is everything that's important... freedom, fresh air, family.

Walking back Naia held my hand extra tight. "Mama I love you. And you are my family! And ZZ and dada are my family too. I love having a family!"

You can't wrap that up.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Solstice Weekend

It may only be a few minutes a week, but we're on the way back towards the sun.  We took the time to slow down this Solstice weekend. We feasted with friends. We stayed close to home. We indulged in sun foods. We talked about finding our inner light. 

And once again we walked the spiral of light with friends to celebrate this special time. 

Wishing everyone love and light on this Solstice night.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

neighborhood shuffle

So.... there's been a lot happening around here. Maybe too much. I am just moving forward one day, no actually one hour at a time.

The most obvious ordeal is that they are ripping up and rebuilding some of the docks at our marina. And of course it's the 2 docks where all of the liveaboards are, so some temporary changes had to be made. All of the neighborhood boats were relocated into random slips around the marina, and we were moved to the end all alone except for one other liveaboard. Well, not all alone because we have the construction crew chugging in on tug boat and barge each morning a mere inches from our boat. They pass precariously close, like high five and Grey Poupon close.

But there is no better free entertainment in the winter time than a marine construction project. A huge digger on a barge pushed in by a scrappy wee tug boat pulling up muck from the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay and plucking pilings is just about the coolest thing ever. Not to mention the extra lumber to play on.

The kids love it so very much. Not only are they constantly running to wave hi to the crew as they work each day, after one particularly stirring bottom dredging session the kids burst into applause, cheering and yelling, "Encore, encore!"

It's sort of weird to have this big empty space along the dock, no boats, no finger piers, it's beautiful and disorienting all at once.

Without getting into specifics here, I am juggling about a thousand balls in the air right now. Things may slow to a molasses drip here in BlogLandia, but I will check in when I can and catch up on the flip side with all kinds of crazy updates.

And you can keep up here and there on Facebook. Yep, I finally created a page...

Monday, December 01, 2014

tucked in

There are all kinds of changes happening around the marina and on the boat. The marina moved us to a new slip. Maybe for the winter. Maybe forever. Maybe, not sure, we'll see. It's actually our old slip that we had a long time back. And then we were moved, and now who knows. We've been loving the new view, the wide open.

Of course it comes with more rocking and rolling in a blow. And a longer walk down a now often icy in the morning dock. I am hoping there will be less ice and snow this year.

On the boat we're ready for the weather because the shrink wrapping is done. We did it a little early this year for various reasons, but now we're all tucked in and protected from the cold wind and whatever else comes our way.

The kids are already enjoying the extra little solar cave the "bubble" provides. It's a warm, quiet place to just hang out and re-charge. I wish I could lay in there in the quiet too.

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